Tickets start at $100 per person.

A selection of inclusions are:

• A prime table location in your chosen hospitality area
• A personal tipster to visit your table early in the day to give you some inside knowledge on the days
punting ahead
• A behind the scenes walk through to the Jockeys weigh in area where you will meet and greet a
Jockey and hear about their best rides for the day
• Experience a live race call
• Get up close and watch the action as the horses load into their barrier stalls and jump for the start
of the race
• A special offering for the ladies at Natalie Chan Boutique and Millinery
• Mix and mingle with Horse Owners, Trainers and Jockeys in the pre-race parade ring where you
will be served a complimentary drink

For all enquiries and pricing please contact Jess Innes


P: 0272456511

Subject to availability. See below for terms and conditions



Platinum Experience Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before purchasing. By purchasing tickets or
completing a Booking Form you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions.
1.0 Definitions
Platinum Experience – the package purchased by the Client and managed by Platinum Group
Booking Form – forms used to confirm the details of the purchase of Platinum Experience package
Catering Packages – Catering options as offered and agreed upon.
Client – Client means the party named and described as the “client” on the Platinum Experience Booking Form, or such person or organisation as may be substituted with the written consent of the Platinum Group.
Package Price – the actual final cost of the Packages, including any additional charges or adjustments, plus GS T.
2.0 Agreement
2.1 A binding agreement between the Platinum Group and the Client is effective upon the Platinum Group receiving a properly completed Booking Form and the Client meeting the payment terms as
2.2 Bookings are subject to the availability of the requested facility and will not be reserved or confirmed until receipt of a properly completed Booking Form and full payment is received in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.
2.3 No cancellation or termination of the agreement by the Client will be accepted by Platinum Group after a completed Booking Form and payment has been received.
3.0 Payment
3.1 All bookings for Platinum Experience Packages must be accompanied by full payment in the form of a cheque, direct credit, cash or by credit card.
3.2 All prices quoted in the Booking Form are based on the information provided by the Client.
Alterations to the details of the Package may result in adjustments to the Estimated Package Price.
Whilst every care is taken in calculating the Estimated Package Price, the sum should not be regarded as the final cost and Platinum Group reserves the right to pass on to the Client any cost increases or
additional costs due to alterations that Platinum Group may incur post the date on which Platinum Group issued its original invoice to the Client.
3.3 GS T will apply to all goods and services supplied where applicable. Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GS T unless otherwise stated.
3.4 All Catering Packages for the Raceday must be consumed within the timeframe as stipulated by the Platinum group.
(a) Packages inclusive of activities – Platinum Group accepts no responsibility for late arrivals and the package duration may not be extended beyond the stipulated time under any circumstances
4.0 Onselling
4.1 The onselling of the Platinum Experience for gain is not permitted.
4.2 Clients are entitled to share the cost of entertainment with their guests, however if the Client is operating their facility to earn a profit, they are deemed to be onselling.
5.0 Indemnity
5.1 All Clients release and indemnify Platinum Group from and against, and Platinum Group will not be
liable for, any claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings, costs, expenses, losses, damages arising out of or otherwise in connection with use of the Platinum Experience or any facilities to which the tickets relate by the ticket-holder or his or her agents, employees invitees and/or guests.
6.0 Alterations to the Raceday
6.1 Some venues are outdoors. In such cases, no alternative facilities are available in the event of
unfavourable weather.
6.2 If any part of the Raceday including, without limitation, a race meeting, any race, performance or event is cancelled, abandoned or postponed, in whole or in part, due to adverse weather or for any other reason whatsoever that is beyond Platinum Groups control, including, without limitation, due to adverse weather conditions, there is no right to refund or exchange and no obligation is assumed by Platinum Group for the arrangement of a substitute event, performance or any other element.
6.3 Due to unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary for the Racing Club to reschedule the Raceday and that, if the Racing Club does so, Platinum Group will use its reasonable endeavours to provide on the rescheduled day a comparable facility to the Client. If the Racing Club does provide a comparable facility on the rescheduled day the Client is bound to accept that facility and these terms and conditions will apply in all respects.
6.4 Programmes, menus and the duration and timing of performances, events and other activities at the Raceday may be subject to alteration without notice. The Racing Club and Platinum Group reserves the right to vary, add, withdraw or substitute advertised programmes, menus, seating arrangements and/or facilities at any time.
6.5 Under no circumstances will Platinum Group be liable to the Client if Platinum Group is unable to perform its obligations to the Client due to any event or cause of force majeure being any event or act beyond the control of Platinum Group.
These terms and conditions do not replace those of The Racing Club for the purposes of their chosen Hospitality or Catering Package.